Shelby’s Place is here.  Welcome one and all.  I will be adding many things to “Shelby’s Place” as I find them.  This is a page dedicated to what I find that I personally connect with and find interesting.  This is my Personal Place where I will find and add things of ALLShelby's Place variety.

Shelby’s Place will have you covered.  Whatever the need…whatever the desire!

Many of these items here will be information and content.  This is “My Place” to be creative, inventive and to talk freely.  Shelby’s Place I offer to my visitors to get to know me on a more personal level.  A way to get my thoughts and ideas out.

Feel free to comment.  And as always….WELCOME.

SHELBY THE AUTHOR is a page dedicated to who I am and why I have this site.  In addition I feel it is important for me to share with you a little bit about Myself.  First, This is my Blog site and my online business.  I LOVE doing this…this is my PASSION!

I Am also a You-Tuber. I Love making video’s for my Channels on YouTube. My boy’s and I make many video’s together and often do Live Streams together! I have 2 channels on YouTube so far. They are; Shelby’s Edge and Michelle’s Blog.

Shelby’s Edge is my Gaming Channel where I play games and stream my favorite games. While Michelle’s Blog is Dedicated to helping my students learn how to set up their own Blog.


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They feel that we should feel good all year round!  Do you know that most of us about 2 weeks before vacation try to loose weight and get into shape?  Do you remember how that vacation was?  Yeah we looked great….but felt not so great and our energy levels were not so great either.

Well, this company, “Hyten Globel” wants things to be different for us.  They want us not only to feel GREAT on our vacations.  They want us to feel great all year ’round!

If curious Watch the video’s on my page: “Travel for Less”.  I bet you will be as excited as I am 🙂

Shelby’s Place – Few Favorite Finds.

Moringo Nutrimatrix. This is Nutrition that EVERYONE Should Shelby's Placebe taking every day. Everyone should absolutely look into getting this INTO their body. If you care about your Health, this is the ONE Nutrition Product for overall health that you should be taking. We have added lot’s of information to this page and will be adding more in the near future! Start getting the life changing benefits here.

North Korea continues Nuclear Tests.  What are they planning?  

April 29, 2017.  Is North Korea becoming a global threat?  Many are speShelby's Placeculating that North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un is Mentally Unstable.  However, Tillerson states that this is simply untrue.  My question is; WHAT is North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un thinking?  Is he just stupid or is he trying to start a war?

Wine Magic is all about the magic of fine winShelby's Placee. This Exclusive wine club brings more enjoyment with meals and get together’s. In addition, Enjoy the Magic of Fine Wine from around the Globe!  Exclusive Wine Club with FREE shipping and Member pricing!

In conclusion, Shelby’s Place is here.  Welcome one and all.  I will be adding many things to “Shelby’s Place” as I find them.  This is a page dedicated to self help items.  For all out there who is struggling in some way or another.