Wizard101 New

Wizard101 New to Shelby’s Place. I Just Wanted everyone in on my new Section that I am very proud of. This is my favorite game to play. First of all, the main reason I love this game is because I can play online with my kids and other people that I know. Furthermore, I can also use text chat in the game to talk to other players.

If you Play this game you can find me on my YouTube channel and I will add you to my wizard’s friend List! Just comment on one of my video’s and I will let you know when I will be on so you can add me 🙂

Wizard101 is Hewizard101re

This is a New Section that I have recently added to my Blog. I also have many video’s and live streams of this game on my YouTube Channel. My YouTube Channel is called Shelby’s Edge. The picture to the right is one of my thumbnails to one of my video’s on YouTube. I also plan to add more wizard101 information on game play and worlds that you can go to.

Another thing that is really neat about this game is that you can do many other things beside questing! You can change your wizard’s clothes, garden, get a pet and train it and do PVP. Moreover, there is not another game out there like it!

Lastly, what I love about this game is that the graphics are top notch! They are so awesome. On another note, you can play this game for free or get a monthly membership with is less than $10. I have been playing this game for 8 years now and still haven’t gotten ted of it!

In conclusion, Wizard101 New to this blog. You can play this game with people from around the globe, as well as with people you know. Not sure what Wizard101 is? No problem. I have a page that tells about it along with others.