PENNY AUCTIONS: Secret to HUGE Savings Online!

PENNY AUCTIONS gives you up to 95% off on loads of brand new, factory sealed items. The Secret to HUGE Savings Online!  As you may have noticed, a new phenomenon is developing all over the UK, US and beyond: penny auction websites.

PENNY AUCTIONS: Secret to HUGE Savings Online!

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penny auctions

Everywhere on the web, in blogs and on social media… You can read stories about happy winners who won amazing products, usually with quite expensive RRPs attached. But we were not 100% convinced and that’s why we decided to test them. Maybe to make sure the great deals offered by these websites were really real. Moreover, what better way than to test it yourself?

But how do penny auction websites offer such good deals?

The items on our favorite penny auction site come from the following. Closing stores, clearance auctions and bankruptcies. It’s because they get their products so cheap that they are able to offer such low prices compared to the usual selling price.

What can we buy in the auctions?

We saw everything from cars to mobile phones. Even computers, laptops, TVs and cameras. Right through to vacuum cleaners. Along with kitchen gadgets and gift cards. Basically it’s everything that you might be looking for. Or can think of.

PENNY AUCTIONS: Secret to HUGE Savings Online!

penny auctions

First, to get you started with penny auctions, they have put together a very useful book. This will help you understand how penny auctions work. Plus it offers lots of hints and tips about how you can get up to 95% off RRP. On loads of brand new, factory sealed items. To either keep for yourself or sell. This book contains the following chapters and is available to download now: “How Penny Auctions Work”.  

Moreover, they explain how penny auctions differ from traditional auctions. Along with some key points and further information. About credit packages, the timer and winning an auction. As well as, not winning an auction.  

Signing Up for a Bidding Account: we will guide you through the set-up of your bidding account.

Please note that bidding accounts are currently available to customers in the following (below).

  • UK 
  • US
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • India

Tips for Winning Penny Auctions.

This is a very important part of the book. Informing you what items are the most sensible to place bids on. Several other important tips are given to stay ahead of the game.