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Multimedia Audio Visual – Fulfill All Your Needs Here.


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What Is The Difference Between Audio Visual And Multimedia?multimedia

In a nut shell, Audio Visual has both sound (audio) and sight (visual) components. Thus, with our advancing technology, audio-visual opportunities have exploded. We now have Better sound systems and visual effects than ever before. In turn, this has made it possible to amplify speech and song for the benefit of ever-larger audiences.

Furthermore, Improved visual projection and recording options made movies and television possible. Not only creating images but also displaying them on larger screens. Today, web streaming, video conferencing, and live broadcasts allow companies to reach audiences worldwide to share information and generate interest.

So, this moves us into Multimedia. The term multimedia is content that uses more than one format for its display or transmission. Hence, any audio-visual presentation, by definition is multimedia. Which can be a bit confusing because Audio Visual is used with Multimedia.

However, not all multimedia presentations are audio-visual in nature. Therefore, Multimedia may be part of a live performance or it may be recorded.


Moreover it may be played, displayed, edited or interacted through any number of electronic devices. Understanding the differences between audio-visual and multimedia work allow you to assign talent where it can operate best. Resulting in a better product, a wider potential and audience.

Confused yet? Multimedia and Audio Visual is often used hand in hand because they are often used together. Where one ends the other begins. Whether we are viewing Multimedia on our devises to watch the news or a “Live” concert. Or using our Audio devices to listen to music, watch a movie or connecting on our social media. One thing is for sure, we need them in our lives for all that we do and use them for.