Living A Balanced Life For True Happiness

Living A Balanced life for true happiness… Is Hard But Necessary. We All Need Balance In Our Lives. I had found myself bored and unhappy before I found my balance. Personally, I have been fighting myself tooth and nail to find my own balance over these past years. You see, I am the type of person that over indulges in all the wrong things. If it’s bad for you… I am so there. From overindulgence in sweet’s to holding that “Couch Down”… As I Binge-watch that next Marathon on TV.

I’m not just talking about watching a season or two. I love Binge Watching Shows anywhere from 6 to 12 seasons long… And more I’m afraid to admit. Gotta love that Hulu and Netflix 🙂 Supernatural? Oh yeah! I have watched that one too. What can I say? I got lazy and unhealthy along the way. To Work and then back to being that couch potato.

Balanced life for true happiness

A few Years ago I woke up and had a rude awakening. I realized that My life is passing me by and I’m getting older. I am no longer LIVING my life. Really, just Coasting through as I make money and indulge in whatever whim I have at the moment. The worst of it all, was that I found… “I am not happy and I am NOT truly living anymore”. I’m just taking up space on this earth. When I was younger life seemed more exciting and had so much more meaning. I mastered that “career” and fell into “A repetitive Lifestyle”.

What I have realized as a human being is that we all need things to accomplish and goals to work to’wards. After they are accomplished… And IF we stop making new Goals. Well… Then we quit growing and just Cruse through a “stagnant” life. I got stuck here for many years. I feel that ONE part of living a Balanced life for true happiness is the need to set goals. We need something to accomplish. If we don’t… Then we loose our passion and luster for life.

Living A Balanced Life For True Happiness

OK… So i’m gonna break it all down for you what I have found to work for me. First, we all need goals. Second, we need to eat for nutrition (we really are what we eat). Third, we need to get our bodies in better physical condition. Last, we need to find our PASSION.

Sound familiar? It should. What we need to Live A Balanced Life For True Happiness is… Balance between our physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual (passion lies here). I had always taken this with a grain of salt in the past. However, I have applied these things to my life and have found a whole new outlook on the world it’s self. The following will explain some of the things I have been doing that applies to this concept. Weird thing is… It’s working for me so far.

Physical – Living A Balanced Life for True Happiness

Balanced life for true happiness

First of all, getting our bodies in better physical shape is so very important. I have always felt that I have always been pretty healthy. Even though I have not really exercised regularly. At times in my life I would start different workout routines. But never actually stuck with it for more than a few weeks.

I now have a routine in place and have stuck with it. Actually, it is so easy and simple that I have been kicking myself for not doing this sooner. I now feel stronger and have so much more energy than before. Whether you choose to do cardio or strengthening… Or both it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are working to’wards something and it will benefit you either way. My routine is as follows.

Cardio: Every other day for 20 to 30 minutes. I have an elliptical that I use for this. Other good cardio activities are; walking, running outside, walking/running on the treadmill, and even swimming.

Strengthening: On days not doing cardio. However, I recommend warming up for 5 to 10 minutes before. Such ausing and elliptical machine, walking, or running in place. Now, strengthening is going to be much different for women than men. I started with 3 Pound dumbbells and worked my way up as I get stronger. I started with 3 sets of ten and then onto… 3 sets of 20 and ect.

Also I recommend wall push up’s for those just starting a workout routine. In the near future I will be adding more specific articles with much more detailed info on this.

Mental – Living A Balanced Life for True Happiness

Balanced life for true happiness

Mental wellness is a very broad spectrum and can be taken to mean so many different things. What I am talking about with mental wellness may be a little different than what your probably thinking right now. I can almost bet on it!

What I found for me was that I was no longer learning new things. I have a career and no longer attend classes at the college. Sure I learn a few new things as a Nurse here and there. But not enough. The first few years as a Nurse was Awesome! Because I w

as doing something new and constantly learning. Sadly, after a few years or so… The newness and excitement was gone. My passion started to tapper off and the motion of the job became repetitive. I was getting bored with my life.  To work then home and work again…

Balanced life for true happiness

So I set out to learn something totally different.

First it began with taking a step back and pondering a question. This question was so simple, but so very powerful. WHAT DO I WANT OUT OF MY LIFE? With these thoughts in motion I discovered many things. First off, I had no goals. I was stagnant and was just doing the same things over and over again. And then… I started dreaming up a life that I want to live.

First, I found that I wanted to live a LIFE OF PASSION. Also, I wanted to do new things. To actually live a life and not just sit back and coast through it. In addition, I wanted to make more money. Not just through my job but through different sources. With much research I found the Rory Ricord program. I started my own blog and learned about how to make money and so many different ways online. The most important thing of this is… I am learning and finding Passions that I never knew I had!

In a nutshell, find your passion and find something new to learn. It’s gonna be different for us all. Some people find passion in woodworking while others get into nature walks. There are so many things out there to do and learn. One of my other passions that I found was being a You Tuber. Of course I had to watch many You Tube video’s to learn how to do this. I have my own channel called Shelby’s Edge. I love making video’s and editing them on my favorite game (wizard101). Kinda corny I know. What can I say… I am a bit goofy 🙂

Nutrition – Living A Balanced Life for True Happiness

Balanced life for true happiness

As a Nurse I know nutrition is so important. I just never followed all that “healthy eating”. I love sweets, pizza and Cheeseburgers. Pretty much anything that’s deep fried too! Over the last few years I tried different nutritional strategies. To make a long story short, I listened to my body and how different things made me feel before sticking to one. As we all know variety in foods are important. I’m doing somethig a little different. And it’s working for me.

I am following what I call a “living food diet”. Basically, 75% of what I eat consists of living foods. Which are; vegetables and nuts. I also make smoothies and drink them at least once a day. No soy products as those are actually not good for us. With the smoothies I use coconut milk, blueberries, 1 banana, and cherries. This gives me loads of energy. I have pretty much cut breads and pasta out of my diet. Since I get tired of eating almonds all of the time I do still eat meat (once a day).

In another article I will talk more specifically on what types of foods I eat together and why. With my diet that I created, I had lost over 20 pounds in just a month when I first started it. At times I have had my fall backs and binged on cookies and potato chips. Which made me feel like crap… So I try to stay away from those foods.

Spiritual – Living A Balanced Life for True Happiness

Balanced life for true happiness

Being Spiritual and Spirituality means different things for different people. For me, being spiritual means; connection. Whether it is connecting to nature or another person. I had found that I was going through my life as a robot. Not really feeling anything anymore. Just going through the motions… stuck in my mind. No connection to emotion or my body, just coasting.

Hence, My spirituality is my connection to nature and to other people. As humans, we have a need for connection. I have also found that paying attention to how I feel (on both a physical and emotional level) has a profound spiritual feeling too.

On this note, one thing that I have started to do is walk outside. I often walk the trails near the park… Or just walk around my town. For some reason, this gives me peace. It fills me up in ways that I can’t explain. I concentrate on how I feel physically… Truly feeling the wind on my skin and the ground under my feet. Looking at the beauty around me and hearing all the sounds that can be heard.

Also, exercising is very spiritual for me. Pushing my body beyond the limits that it wants to go. Feeling my heart beating hard and the burning of my lungs. In addition, finding my spirituality and lead me to my Passions.

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In conclusion, Having a Balanced life for true happiness I feel is important. I hope that this article inspires those who are struggling to find their balance. I am starting to feel happiness and joy from all that I do. On this note, I am still a work in progress. And I am still striving to’wars a Balanced life for true happiness. I am getting there one step at a time.