History Of Wine

First of all, the history of wine can be dated back to the Fertile Crescent of Egypt when our ancestors cultivated grapes. It was likely those grapes fermented on occasion producing alcohol. What a surprise that must have been.

Even though wild grapes grew all over the world, it was this productive Vitis Vinifera species which spread from the Middle East throughout the Mediterranean and into Europe.

History of wine

First of all, the Romans loved well-aged wines, sometihistory of winemes aging it for as long as 25 years according to some Roman writings. Either they perfected the first airtight vessel or they liked oxidized wine. In addition, the Romans were the first to use ceramic jugs for storing wine.

It was the Celts of North Central Europe who began using wooden oak barrels.

Similar to those used today, for storing wine. Due to their design, they were rounded in the middle which made them easy to move and roll.

The oak wood allows the wine to “breathe while still remaining air-tight. On this note, the presence of oak in wine, received from this barreling and passed down throughout the ages. Moreover, this is an important addition to the history of wine. Wow, what a wonderful mistake! Many wines are sought after for their “oak” finish.