Breaking Bad Review – Thought Provoking Antihero Series

Breaking Bad Review on an antihero TV series, “Breaking Bad,” unlike any other we have seen before. Not to mention, this is a story-line unlike any We’ve ever seen before. In addition, “Breaking Bad” is one of the most entertaining, thought provoking and imaginative TV show I have seen in a long time.

Breaking Bad Review

It was originally aired from 2008-2013 and has just turned 10 years old, according to TV Guide. The way each character is interwoven to spin this story is utterly brilliant in this Antihero series.

Secondly, I haven’t watched a show where I’ve gotten this emotionally involved in a long time. I actually binged-watched the entire 5 seasons in a two weeks’ period of time. I think the creator of this series; Vince Gilligan, is an absolute genius. The way each character in this show, “Breaking Bad” evolves, (in Walter Whites case – devolves) throughout the entire seasons is a work of art.

Breaking Bad Review – This series starts out with a “mild mannered,” pushover chemistry teacher. Who finds out that he is dying from Lung Cancer.

So, what does he do? He takes up another career, living a double life as a meth producer, in order to save up enough money for his family after he is gone. I have never seen an antihero series quite like this one.

Breaking Bad Review – Creator, Vince Gilligan’s Original Plan For “Breaking Bad.”

Breaking Bad Review

According to Liz Raftery’s article on TV, in Vince Gilligan’s earliest meetings with AMC, he pitched this now-famous storytelling objective of “turning Mr. Chips into Scarface.” With Walter White, Gilligan didn’t intend to impart humanizing aspects. But instead, he sought out to turn a decent and objectively good man and make him bad. So, the goal for “Breaking Bad” was to devolve this man into something totally different by the end of the seasons.

Also, according to Liz Raftery’s article on TV, when “Breaking Bad” was first being developed, one executive stated the following in a preproduction phone call. “We’re making a series about a guy who sells crystal meth. We’ll all be lucky to still have our jobs when this is over.”

I think Breaking Bad Reviewthis was said because Gilligan’s original plan for this show has never been done before. And no one really knew how the general public would react to this type of story-line.

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Breaking Bad Review – This amazing series has left an opening for multiple prequels.


For many of its characters, Vince Gilligan has left an opening for future prequels. I wonder if he intended this to begin with. On this note, there is already one airing at the moment called, “Better Call Saul.” Which is centered around Walter Whites attorney during a time before he and Mr. White cross paths. I haven’t actually watched this series yet, but I do intend to.Breaking Bad Review

In addition, I am hoping that Gilligan will create prequels for the following characters; Mike, Gustavo, Hector and Tuco. Gilligan gave us a brief glimpse into each of these characters earlier lives during this series. And this has left me with a burning curiosity and a yearning to know more. So hopefully, this is (or will soon be) Vince Gilligan’s plan.

Breaking Bad Review – My First Thoughts.

My first thought when I began watching the first season was that Mr. White must be having a mid-life crisis of some sort. Because with facing his own mortality and impending death, he was considering breaking the law. Which not far into the season, he did. “Breaking Bad” started out so innocently and then soon gets darker and darker as the seasons progresses.

Usually, in an antihero series, the antihero is molded and evolved into a somewhat better human being. But in this series, this just isn’t the case. Which is very unexpected. In everything we watch, from TV shows to Movies; the antihero is either captured, destroyed or looses. And of course, the “hero” or “good” prevails and almost always wins.

Breaking Bad Review – Theory Of “Good VS Evil” Senario.

With the first two seasons of “Breaking Bad”, Walter White was my favorite character. This was because I could understand why he went to crime and began cooking meth. He was dying and wanted to make sure his family would be taken care of.

Breaking Bad Review

However, by season three, I noticed that this series was more than just a “Good VS Evil” scenario. And actually, by the close of season three, I began to really dislike Walter White, as his transformation really started to take root. However, there are still deep seeded “Good VS Evil” qualities to this series. But the usual spin doesn’t apply as Mr. White Devolves into a much darker person.

Early on in this series, I really felt that “Breaking Bad” was centered around “Good VS Evil.” But instead of good triumphs over evil, it was the other way around. That’s probably why I enjoyed this series so much. I was getting tired to the villain always loosing because that’s not always how life works. Actually, I don’t think anyone in this series really won at all, so “yes” true to reality.

Breaking Bad Review – While there is definite Good VS Evil tone to this TV show, it is actually more about transformation and Devolution.

Breaking Bad Review

Most Shows and movies that involve transformation, shows a bad or evil person transforming into a better person. But with “Breaking Bad,” the transformation is in more of a negative nature. Showing a good, mild-mannered person becoming bad and maybe even evil one.

I was starting to conclude that taking up criminal behavior and becoming “bad” was actually saving Walter White from his Lung Cancer. Which ties into the “Good VS Evil” theory I began with when I first began watching this series.

I thought this because Mr. White had gone into remission after his transformation was underway. Not to mention that his Lung Cancer came back shortly after he quit cooking meth and was on track to “doing the right thing.” However, the ending of this series, “Breaking Bad” disproved this thought. Plus, the ending turned out to be much different than I had imagined it to be.