APPportunity – Start An App Business

Appportunity – Start An App Business. First of all, NOW is the best time to start your app business, because while others are still focused on internet marketing… You’ll be one step ahead of the game. And weirdly enough, it’s much easier to make money with apps than internet marketing. Especially for newbies and those of us that aren’t exactly computer savvy. APPportunity

Ever want to make money with mobile Apps? More importantly, did you even know it was possible to make money this way?

With starting a business, it is important to have a good business plan in place. Furthermore, you will also need a product that many people are looking for. Rather, a mainstream product, a popular product. At the moment mobile apps have grown in popularity.

Everyone I know has at least 5 apps on their phone, not to mention their computers. What can I say? Apps are everywhere! With this said, APPportunity is an App business that will be around for a very long time.

What is Appportunity?



First off, this is a 6 week video training course with App building software that teaches you how to get started making money with Apps. Patric Chan is an internet marketer who created these video’s and training’s. He did this so that others can make money with Apps as well.

Secondly, You’ll learn the basics of starting an app and about different kinds of apps. Such as; content apps, utility apps and gaming apps. In addition, you will learn how to get your app and where to find it. As well as, how to make money with these many different apps.

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This APPportunity Coaching Program is now open for limited sign ups, sign up today! Moreover, there is so much money to be made with apps these days. Not to mention, Apps are fun and are still growing in popularity.

The fact is, APPportunity is now here, and it’s not ending any time soon. Mobile apps are not just the FUTURE, it’s the PRESENT.




If you ever wanted to make easy, predictable and stable income for yourself. These are the 5 criteria you should have. APPportunity Fits Them All.

1. Mainstream product.

First, if you ask your neighbor whether they’ve read (fill in the blank with your favorite internet marketing guru’s name’s) latest blog post, they’ll look at you strangely. Note: A mainstream product is a product that everyone knows, or if they don’t, it’ll just take you a minute to explain and they will GET IT. #1. Do you have a mainstream product?

2. It can be scaled.

Second, assuming we get to ignore product life cycle and external influences. Such as competitors, change of trends, and etc. Your product should be able to grow by simply doing more of whatever it is that’s already working. Note: For instance, many app companies can easily scale its business to the next level by releasing new games on the same platform easily. #2. Can your Product be scaled?

3. Natural growth.

Third, Internet marketing is definitely a very lucrative niche and it certainly gets my recommendation. However, 9 out of 10 products in the market do not have natural growth. Thus, they are promoted through an orchestrated launch (which is unlikely to be pulled by a newbie or marketer with minimal funds). After the launch, when everything settles down, the product will eventually “die” on its own. Note: again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it’s surely not the long-term model that you and I are seeking to achieve for our financial freedom. #3. Does Your Product have Natural growth?

4. Repetitive usage.

Preferably, your product should be a kind of product that gets the user to come back again – to “consume” it again. For example, Twitter and Facebook are two very accurate examples. Note: Or a game where the player comes back to play it again and again. #4. Does your product get repetitive usage?

5. You should not be in the picture.

Lastly, when the product is up and running. And doing what it’s supposed to do. You’re not supposed to be the reason why the user continues to use your product. Note: If this happens, it’s going to be very difficult for you to ever achieve the time freedom you want. Just look at today’s internet marketers. They are facing this problem. If you don’t believe me, just ask around. #5. Are you in the picture?


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The Following is a note from The creator of this course and training, Patric Chan (Below).

Because of being involved with too many projects, I don’t have time to promote it. So instead of me keeping it, I would prefer to give away my knowledge for free. So that I can contribute to others immensely.

But because I did not update the modules, please note on the following.

  1. First, I do not provide any coaching. I’m giving you all of my training as a course for free. If you want my time, I’m afraid I’ll need to charge you for that.
  2. Second, the strategies, ideas and methods taught are awesome and definitely can help you. But some of the tutorials may not reflect the latest websites because as mentioned, I did not update the training. For instance, Apple changed their Developer Member Area, so you may not see the same interface. However, the key concepts and steps are still the same.

With that said, this is the same webpage that my students paid $494 to acquire the entire system when you’re getting it for free today… START HERE TO LEARN MORE.

In conclusion, as consumers we have all noticed how apps have increased. At the moment, mobile apps have grown in popularity and are continuing to grow. Everyone I know has at least 5 apps on their phone, not to mention their computers. What can I say? Apps are everywhere! Why not use these apps to make an income and get time freedom?