3 Month Business Plan For Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business with a 3 Month Business Plan is attainable. I have first hand, found two ways to start and own my own business without much overhead. In fact, these two business are the cheapest ways I have found in starting your own business. First off, starting your Own Business and Working For yourself is possible these days. However, you need to apply the right busin3 Month Business Planess to the right plan.

With Direct Cellars we have the best product to tie to a 3 month business plan.

And that’s why I recommend working with them. They have a great support system, and leadership that is there to assist you through the entire process. Now when you develop your 3 month business plan you need to have a destination in mind.

Step One: Join Direct Cellars

Direct Cellars is an amazing wine of the month club that is set apart from the rest of the crowd. Now you can truly taste the wines of the world with Direct Cellars. Their wine experts hand select wines from elite wineries around the globe. In addition, these Fine Wines are shipped directly to your door. And all of this for the same cost as mass produced wines.

Now that is an amazing product to build a business on. When building a business you want to make sure it is something in demand. Did you know the More Wine is sold in the U.S. than beer? More importantly, the popularity of wine continues to grow… Now all you have to do is decide which package you want to join. I also feel that it is important to let you know that when you sign up, I will be your personal mentor. Which means, I will be personally helping and teaching you how to make an income with Direct Cellars.

Lets check out the ways to Join Direct Cellars below.

3 Month Business Plan

Premium Wine Lover: $249.00 Package. You get your own website (with a back office) for one year and 4 bottles of wine. As well as, all the resources you need to get going. You also get a 20% discount on all additional cases and product that you buy. That is a great deal. But yet, there is a better deal. Go here to join.

Premium Wine Lover Elite $499.00 Package. Gets you 3 years of your own website (with a back office) and a case of wine. The case of wine allows you to share and have some people try it with you. Or even throw a wine tasting party. This is a Great start to a business. You also have 40% discount on all additional purchases. Allowing you to save on promoting your business. I recommend this package for anyone who can possibly afford it. However, if You do not have the $499.00 to invest, but want to get started… By all means you can always get the lower plan and upgrade to this later. Go here to join.

 3 Month Business Plan For Starting Your Own Business. Whether you want to just enjoy the Fine Wines yourself, or be a part of our Vision of Sharing this with others, this Presentation will explain the simplicity.

Go Here to Enroll and Get Your Wine Business Started.

Now you have just purchased your own business for $500.00. Which can and will give you an income that can change you life. Now it’s time to set up your 3 month business plan to get you well on your way to life changing success with an awesome company. A company that is founded on building relationships and helping people succeed. So Get in, Get Wine and Get social!

Don’t Worry, You Wont Be Alone.

When you sign up with Direct Cellars as a Premium Wine Lover or a Premium Wine Lover Elite… I will be personally helping you grow your wine business.

3 Month Business PlanI am Michelle and I’m building a TEAM. This is a win win situation. When you sign up, I will be notified that you are on my team. I will then, be getting a hold of you via e-mail. If you have any questions you can reach out to me on Skype at: michelle didier. Or register for updates (at the right) and e-mail me direct. I have found that when we work together in teams, we stand to build bigger incomes.


Step 2: What’s Your WHY – 3 Month Business Plan Starting Your Own Business.

3 Month Business Plan

This is the first and most important step in starting this or any other business. Develop your why!!! The WHY before the money.

First of all, I can tell you that my WHY has always been for me. My family and my time (time freedom). When I first came into this business, I was looking for “time freedom” so that I could spend more time with my family. In  addition, I was tired of working a J.O.B. and having to deal with being an employee and having a boss. There is something freeing about having your own business and working for yourself. So that is my why, before the money… I want freedom from time and from a J.O.B.

Step 3: Make A Clear VISION and Do It!

Step 3 in your 3 month business plan is to develop your vision. Make a clear step by step daily plan on how your going to get there and where you want to be. What are your Dreams?

3 Month Business Plan

Know where you want to be! Rather, this is YOUR BUSINESS and only you know what you WILL accomplish daily. So set appropriate goals, make a list, and check off what you accomplish. More importantly, if you have goals that you didn’t get done that day… No problem. Add them to the top of the list for the following day. This way you are always moving forward. Forward moving is progress. And progress is one of the roads to success. In addition always be consistent and continually moving forward.3 Month Business Plan

Some days it may seem as if you are crawling at a snails pace.

Don’t sweat it! Just remember… you are still moving forward and are being consistent. So develop a clear vision and attainable plan that you can consistently DO. If that is 15 hours a day then do that every day. If it’s 30 minutes daily then commit to it… And no matter what do it. That commitment to your Vision and 3 month business plan is what WILL create your success!

Step 4: Create Your Own Office Or Work Space.

3 Month Business Plan

You need to have a space with all your essential needs. Pens, pencils, paper and computer (if you have one). This will be your area where you will perform tasks for your business. Make sure when you set up to work that it is not filled with distractions. Now that you are set up to work lets go to work.

Step 5: Contact Your Mentor.

Make sure you get with your Mentor and put this plan into action. You can take your plan of action to your mentor and come up with a marketing plan to get you on your way. Time to start making progress on your 3 month business plan and put it into action. There are so many ways to make money with Direct Cellars. Get in get wine and get social.

Develop a system.

First, keep in mind that there are several ways to make money with Direct Cellars. Your mentor (me if you sign up here) will help you decide what ways will work best for you. I personally utilize many.

There are many great data bases out there, I personally use trello. On another note, if you prefer just a pen and paper, that’s OK too. Or maybe a word document on the computer. Just be sure to develop a system to know where you are in the tasks you need to complete. Don’t let this overwhelm you. When you sign up from this page with Direct Cellars, I will be personally helping you grow your wine business. There are so many ways I can help you to build an income from Direct Cellars.

Another Way To Start Your Own Business – Working Online With Link Post Blogging.

In working online with link post blogging you will be able to provide an income for yourself. We work directly with online marketing guru Rory Ricord to show you proven and guaranteed ways to make money. Make money through posting links for advertisers online. And through an amazing method utilizing blogging called “Link Post Blogging”.

Watch this short video (Below) That explains what Link Post Blogging is all about.

Whether you want to supplement3 Month Business Plan your current income or (like us) make this a Career choice. We are here to support you each and every step of the way. I think you’ll see that you are looking at a real program here. And one that completely allows you to be working online during your spare time. With as little as 2-4 hours a week to maintain and build it. Furthermore, it is actually something that is fun!